Bronze Level Courses


November 29, 2016

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Here is a brief review of the changes for earning a Bronze Medallion.

  • These two classes are still needed:
    • BIB501-1 Survey of the Old Testament
    • BIB501-2 Survey of the New Testament
  • Two classes are being replaced—Spiritual Disciplines, and Introduction to Prophecy (together these classes had nine sessions.)
  • Five smaller classes, with a total of ten sessions, have been added:
    • I501 Death of Discernment
    • I502 How We Got Our Bible
    • I503 How To Study The Bible
    • K501 Discovering God
    • K502 The Love of God
  • A Ministry Journal for Bronze is needed, and details on that are coming later.
  • Agreement with the KI Statement of Faith is still required.

If you have already taken “Spiritual Disciplines” or “Introduction to Prophecy” you are not required to take any of the new Issachar or Koinonos classes (the class numbers starting with I or K above) but we strongly recommend it.

If you need only one of the old classes, you can substitute new ones.

  • If you are replacing “Spiritual Disciplines,” you will need two of the new classes. (K501 & K502)
  • If you are replacing “Introduction to Prophecy,” you will need three of the new classes. (I501-I503)

For a very brief time, the old classes will still appear in the Self-paced Courses list. If you wish to enroll in one, you can until the class fills up. Since they are no longer required, these two old classes will not be offered again. However, you cannot enroll in the ones with “(full)” after the title.

In case you missed it, here is a link to the Personal Update with the article about KI changes. It starts on page 13.


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