Say Goodbye to Final Exams


February 23, 2017

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As you are probably all aware, some things are changing here in KI. There are about 20 new classes online since May of last year, most of which are set up in the Issachar Track. These new classes all are built around an adult learning model called the KWL Self Assessment Tool which totally replaces quizzes and final Exams in those courses. This has been extremely well received by our students and helps to focus a student’s attention on what the Lord wants to teach them regarding their personal life mission. For more information on those classes and the new path through Silver Issachar, go┬áhere.

When the KI Advisory Board met in January, it was determined that the Final Exams would be removed from all of our Berean classrooms. Academically, the final exam does not greatly facilitate the learning process, and in general tends to teach students to merely learn the material to pass the exams, but we will be retaining the Quizzes.

Beginning with the classes which started February 19th and going forward, there will be no more Final Exams in the guided classrooms. Any courses which started at some time in the past still have a final exam and that exam must be completed for a final grade. We will be closing each of the Self Paced classes and putting up new ones with the Final Exams removed but it will take some time to make that transition for various reasons. If you have signed up for a self paced class and have not finished it you will be given approximately thirty days to complete it so it can be closed.

IT is still working to connect everything up on the back side so the new courses show up on your Achievements page regarding your progress toward Silver. We still have a lot to do so please be patient with us. We will continue to bring out new courses as we build them. We are working on updating the Student Handbook to incorporate all the new changes and requirements, but that will continually need to be revised as we add new classes. The Latest information will be found in the online handbook. Any printed handbooks that you may have will no longer be valid.
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