Revised and Updated Handbook Is Now Online


May 10, 2017

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The revised and updated Student Handbook and Course Catalog is now posted on the Study Center here. The new version should say v0617 at the bottom of the cover page. You may need to clear your Browser history and refresh the page to see the new version. This newest version includes changes made to Section 6 regarding Volunteers, Service Practicums, and K-Credits. For more information on that please see Chris Corlett’s article in the June Personal Update.

Over the course of the coming months’ additional changes and improvements will be made, as well as including new courses as they become available. With each update, the version number on the front cover will change.

All previously published versions of the handbook, whether printed in book format or posted online, should be considered obsolete. The Student Handbook posted on the Study Center will be the official version.


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