KI Update From the Registrar


November 8, 2017

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As our last Strategic Perspectives Conference recedes into history I welcome all those who made the choice to get serious about studying God’s Word. To those coming back in the door I say, “Welcome back”. Things have changed a bit over the last three years:
1. We have come back to what has always been our Mission, to “train and equip the serious Christian for ministry in today’s world”
2. We have placed emphasis on discovering the type of Ministry God is preparing you to carry out
3. We have charted a new ministry focused path through Silver Issachar
4. The Koinonos track is changing from a “chase for k-credits” to focus on putting into practice (through actual ministry experiences) what the Lord is teaching you through your studies
5. Issachar and Koinonos courses will work together to help solidify your call and help you step out of the boat and get your feet wet by doing “real” ministry
6. Students are now required to keep a Ministry Journal to reveal how God directed your life up to this point; and help you discover the path He is mapping out for you to follow in Service to Him
7. Practicums are changing from a type of “busy work” into real world, ministry shaping service to the King of Kings

Click on the Student Handbook link and become familiar with the greatly revised Handbook. For those wanting to acquire the medallions, Section 3 is your friend and guide. Be careful not to confuse obtaining the medallions with actually doing the Lord’s work. We have 108 Self-Paced classes on-line now which eliminates the need to wait for any class. You can access them by going to the Course Schedule page and look in the right column under Self-Paced.

In the weeks and months to come you will see more new classes roll out, providing more options for you to choose from as God directs your path. We are charting a path through Gold Issachar driven more by a student’s understanding of their calling than by a set of required courses, stand by for more details.

What a great time to live and watch the end time prophecies of the Bible unfold around us. It is exhilarating to see what God is doing in and through KI as He allows us to help shape and encourage those entering the harvest field. (Matt 9:36-38, Luke 10:1-16) May God bless you greatly as you study His Word and ask the Lord of the Harvest to send you out with His workers into His Harvest. As for me, I’m still learning to serve.
Stan H.
KI Registrar


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