Self-Paced Classes are Open Enrollment


March 14, 2018

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Today I checked the course catalog on our KI website to make sure recent changes were properly reflected there. I found that for every class listed the comment following was “Self-Paced – in progress” leading some to believe enrollment was already closed on those classrooms. Please note that Self-Paced classes are always Open Enrollment, so there is never any waiting to get into a class. I will be having that phrase changed throughout our course catalog over the next few days. Thanks for helping us spread the word about Open Enrollment.

I’ve been asked if it was okay to get together with some friends and go through a self-paced course together, do the Discussion Questions as a group, and take the opportunity to fellowship and keep each other encouraged. The simple answer is Yes! That has always been an option in the Self-Paced classes. While the DQs are not required and not part of the grade, they are still in the classroom for the benefit of those who find them helpful.

As we see the change of seasons to warmer days, some naturally begin to plan trips and vacations. Keep in mind that one advantage of the self-paced classes are that you can get started on a class, take your vacation and come back and continue your class. There is no need to un-enroll from the class or start over.

One last note – When you enroll in a Self-Paced class, you will receive an automatic e-mail to let you know when the current classroom will close. Once a year we plan to close the current classroom and put up a new one for each of our courses. That is an administrative task to help us manage the load. Keep in mind that when we close a classroom we will always have a new classroom for that course already open for enrollment. Also we recently went through all our classes and spread the closing dates over the course of a year so you never have to just sit and wait for the right opportunity to open. No one knows your schedule better than you do, so we are trying to make it as easy as we can for you to fit a class into your schedule any time of the year.

May God Bless you as you Study His Word.


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