New Courses and General Updates


May 16, 2018

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I wanted to let you know that we are removing the close dates on all the self-paced classes. That means that you no longer have to worry about the end date forcing you to hurry through your class, and it has become easier to plan your study schedule.

We have added 7 new Issachar and Koinonos courses in the ministry track. These use materials we have gleaned from sources outside of K-House. Some of them are from Christian Ministries of long-standing, while others are books which can be purchased from multiple sources. These materials are not available from our Khouse store nor from Khouse TV. The picture of the course material in the classroom is always a link to a source for the materials. You can always do a search on the internet for other sources. Some of the materials will only be available from the Ministry that produces them, which will provide a solid source of other resources for those who are preparing for that type of ministry. Some of the materials are available in Small Group packages.

We are working on updating the Student Handbook with the new courses and correcting some minor errors. We are beginning to loosely group the Issachar and Koinonos courses in ministry related categories which will be in Section 9 of the handbook. On a related subject; I am pleased to let you know we are in the process of rebuilding the academic achievement page so that it accurately tracks all of our courses. We are still a few weeks away from having that go live, but I can assure you that by the time a new class is open for enrollment the system will already be tracking it properly.

Submitting your Ministry Journal for each level of studies just became much simpler with the recent addition of the Ministry Journal classrooms: MJ001 – Bronze, MJ002 – Silver, and MJ003 – Gold. The system already tracks them as requirements for the medallions. The old link will be updated in the near future to point everyone to the MJ classrooms.

Heads up: Some time back it was determined that KI would have to begin charging for the different medallions, much like we do for the coins and gems. Over the years it has become quite clear that not everyone wants those items. We have tried to keep the purchase price as low as possible so it is still affordable. We are a couple of months away from implementing that change, but I wanted to give those who are close to finishing the requirements for their next medallion the chance to finish up before we have to start charging.

Where ever you are in the world, and what ever the season where you live, I hope that you have time to get out and enjoy some of God’s beautiful creation.
Stan H.
KI Registrar


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