Handbook and Academic Achievement View Update


July 12, 2018

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Greetings! We have just uploaded the new Student Handbook, version v0718. Inside the front cover is a change log to let you know what we have updated in this version. The table of contents contain links to the different sections — just click on the blue page numbers.

For some time your Academic Achievements page has not been able to track all the new Issachar and Koinonos courses, and many of you have had concerns about that. Your transcript was always accurate, and the system was tracking all the classes you took and the requirements you had met. We could fully understand your frustration over that because some of our tools were also affected, creating an unbelievable strain on our limited staff.

Now your Achievements page accurately tracks all your completed classes. The requirements shown are the same as what you see in Section 3 of the current Student Handbook posted on KI. When we add new classes in the future, they will automatically be included in this new view. As you complete required courses toward your next medallion award, your achievements will automatically update and will always tell you what you have left to complete. When looking at your achievements page, just remember this one simple thing: If the box next to the category title is checked, that means you have completed that requirement, and you can see which class you took, what date you finished it, and your grade. If the box is not checked you can see at a glance what classes you can choose from to meet the requirement. You will see for the silver Issachar a list of the classes that you may have taken in the past and all the ones that count towards the 45 session requirement, and a running total of sessions you have completed. If you have questions about your academic achievements, contact

May God bless you richly as you study His WORD.
Stan H.


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