Continuing Transitions


March 5, 2019

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It is time to let you know that the old I600 Issachar courses are no longer open for enrollment and have been retired. If you have already taken them, those courses will still count toward your 45 Session requirement for Issachar and Koinonos courses found in Section 3.2 of the recently updated Student Handbook. Those students who are just beginning their trek through their Silver level courses are now required to put some thought and prayer into their Silver Ministry Journal and determine what type of ministry God is calling them to. Once they have completed the 3 required courses, Observations from their Ministry Journal will help guide them to choose their Issachar and Koinonos courses from the I500 and K500 courses. You will want to notice that the requirements are 22-23 sessions from the I500 Issachar courses, and 22-23 sessions from the K500 Koinonos courses. I have just posted 2 new courses in each of those tracks, so, at the present time you have classes with a total of 84 sessions in Issachar and 81 sessions in Koinonos to choose from. We are still working to bring you more courses to help you get some perspective on your ministry and prompt you to get started. As you climb down from the spectator seats and begin to engage in real ministry efforts corresponding to your calling, you will want to remember to submit those efforts as Service Practicums. When you do that you will quickly find that 10,000 K-credits aren’t so hard to collect for the Silver Level.

May God bless you as you continue to prepare to serve Him with your life.
Stan H.
KI Registrar


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