Announcing New Gold IKP710 Course


March 23, 2020

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In the midst of all the media hype over the COVID-19 Virus there is Great News! As you know KI is an On Line School. That means it is impossible to catch the Corona Virus from taking our classes! So, whether you are practicing Social Distancing, Self Isolation, on Mandatory Lock Down, or just avoiding going out in public because of the risks, don’t be bored. This is a great time to study the Bible and work on some classes. How many options are there where you can sign up for classes, purchase materials (download or streaming) and complete your classes, never leave your home and never have to worry about catching a deadly virus?

But wait, there is more good news! We have been working to build the new Gold level Issachar courses and get them posted online. We apologize that it has taken so long, but the wait is finally over. As we deliberated over how to structure this course, I received a first hand look at how hard it is to take a compelling vision and turn it into something tangible and real, and that played a huge role in the design of these new classrooms.

The Course ID provides a hint of its purpose. IKP stands for Issachar/Koinonos/Practicum. Each of those parts have to work together with your Berean studies to complete the Biblical Studies package. Everyone knows a 3 legged stool with only 1 leg attached cannot stand or be balanced. Everything must solidly connect so the stool will stand.

The old Gold level Strategic Trends courses have been entirely replaced with the IKP700 series. Keeping our Mission in mind, we designed these courses to help the Serious Christian student put into Action what God is asking them to do. These classes will take you from “Where do I start?” and bring you to realize “I can do this!”

You will still need to have a good understanding of the type of ministry to which God is directing you to complete your Gold Level studies. The IKP classes are entirely for your benefit as you seek to know and begin to do God’s will. Even if you have never tackled anything more difficult than a High school term paper, you can do these classes. We have even provided you with a downloadable document that follows the outline of the class so you can build a rough draft of your steps before you post it into the classroom. The course is adapted from the KWL classroom model, but the student supplies the content by designing their own project in accordance to how God is directing them.

The IKP700 classes are manually graded and require a considerable amount of effort. Chris Corlett and I will be following your progress, perhaps asking questions, offering encouragement and posting your grades for each section through out the course. It is never our intention to direct your efforts, only to help you think things through. Each student is responsible for designing and completing a project corresponding to their call, and for the grade they receive. There are no “competitions”, no need to come up with something “sensational.” No one in the classroom will be able to see anything you post. Your project is just between you and the Lord as you step out in faith to answer His call.

We are still working out some of the fine details for the program, but the IKP710 class is ready to enroll and use. Remember to build the project to benefit you. We just need to see that you know your mission and have stepped out in faith to take your place in the Lord’s Harvest. There may be hundreds called to be teachers, prayer warriors, some kind of Missions work, or any of thousands of other kinds of ministries. That is all perfectly fine as long as God’s leading is the driving factor. I can’t wait to see what will come from these classes.

God bless you as you study and prepare to serve Him.
Stan H.


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